The 5 Rules of Fat Consumption

What many people don’t realise is that fat is good for them. Fat was unfairly vilified throughout the low fat craze of the 80’s and that has left many people permanantly scared of consuming fats.

The biggest myth about fat is that eating fat will not make you fat. There is no evidence for this and in fact certain dietary fats can help you lose fat faster. What we will show you now are the 5 rules you must follow to ensure that when you consume fat it will support all your health and fitness goals.

1. Eat Omega 3 fats

These types of fats are a veritable super nutrient. They have many benefits and most people do not consume enough of the, One fantastic feature of Omega 3’s is that they turn on fat burning genes and turn off fat storing genes. They also support thyroid function which will help with keeping your metabolic rate high, leading to more fat burning.

The best sources of omega 3 fats are oily fish like salmon, grass fed meats and fish oil supplementation.

2. Eat butter

Butter has been unfairly vilified as a terrible food, but is actually highly beneficial for you for a number of reasons. It has a large amount of fat soluble vitamins including Vitamin K which is highly under rated for bone health. It also contains a nutrient called Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which is highly beneficial in preventing cancer and has fat burning properties, especially when consumed everyday. Butter is great to add to vegetables that are high in beta-carotenes like carrots, as it allows you to absorb the vitamins and nutrients at higher levels.

3. Use Coconut Oil for cooking and consume often

Coconut oil is similar to butter in the way it has been treated. It is an extremely healthy food and has an incredible number of benefits. It is the best oil to fry with as it has the highest smoke point and does not go rancid.

It also contains substances called medium chain triglycerides which provide instant energy. It is also very supportive of Thyroid health and helps elevate your metabolic rate leading to faster fat loss.

4. Avoid trans fat

Trans Fats are fats that are man made and are found in processed food products. They are an absolute disaster health wise and have been implicated in nearly every disease process. Avoid every food that has the words hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated oil on the label. This is another word for trans fats.

5. Eat avocadoes, nuts and olive oils raw

These foods are all high in beneficial fats and many other nutrients. However it is ideal to eat them raw as high temperatures will denature the fats and make them unhealthy for you to consume.

If you follow the following rules expect to have more energy, drop fat, build muscle, have improved mental focus and better overall health.

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