Liver Cancer: Signs and Treatments

Liver Cancer is among the common types of cancer in the world-but not in the United States. However, the rates of people diagnosed with this disease are now slowly increasing in this country. American Cancer Society estimated that 22, 720 men and 7,920 women will be diagnosed with primary liver cancer, as well as intrahepatic bile duct cancer, this year. It also projected that 21,670 will die from these diseases. Can alternative cancer treatments help to prevent this?

Signs and Symptoms

Signs and symptoms are not present in the early stages, but these include:

* Losing weight even if the patient is not on a strict diet or exercise

* Pain in the upper abdominal area

* Swelling in the abdomen

* Loss of desire to eat

* Feeling weak and fatigue

* White stools

* Yellow discoloration of the skin

* Whites in the eyes

See a doctor immediately if you happen to experience the above signs and symptoms.

By-Stage Treatment Options for Liver Cancer

Generally, doctors have three categories or stages for treating this form of cancer: 1. Localized resectable, 2. Localized unresectable, and 3. Advanced.

Localized Resectable

When cancer is only at the early stage and the liver is generally in good condition, partial hepatectomy or surgery may help. Some, though, may require liver transplant. Unluckily, there is only quite a few of patients diagnosed in this stage.

Other treatment procedures are being studied to help patients live longer.

Localized Unresectable

At this stage, the tumor has not spread yet but for some reasons, surgery is not able to eliminate it:

* The lump is too big

* The tumor is in the area of the liver that makes it difficult to remove

* Tumors are too many

* The general condition of the liver is not healthy

Liver transplant is a possible cure-but difficult. This method has helped a lot of people already. Transplant does not only work for the cancer but for other underlying diseases in the cancer. The procedure does not take place immediately because of the availability of the liver for transfer. Patients may have to count several months and may undergo ablation or embolization while waiting.

In some instances, an individual may not be qualified for transplant. He may just go through ablation of the tumor, chemotherapy, embolization (regardless if there is chemotherapy or radiation or not), radiation therapy and targeted therapy. But there are also cases when the tumor becomes smaller that transplant and surgery becomes likely.

These methods (except transplant) may not cure the cancer; but at least, they can help minimize the symptoms and offer more time to live.

Advanced Liver Cancer

Advanced liver cancer refers to the spread of the tumor outside of the organ itself. It either extended to the lymph nodes and other nearby organs. Surgery will not work on this then.

Targeted therapy sorafenib may temporarily restrict the growth of the cancer if the doctor found that the liver still performs well enough. Radiation, on the other hand, may ease the pain and assist in other symptoms.

Alternative Cancer Treatments

Several alternative therapies are said to cure liver cancer but they still necessitate comprehensive analysis to ensure safety and efficiency. Alternative treatment options are categorized into these:

* Nutrition therapy

* Rehabilitation

* Herbal supplementation

* Mind-body medication

* And a lot more

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