Cell Phone Repeater Reduces Brain Cancer Risk

People say that by using the cell phones for longer period of time one can get cancer n tumor like diseases. Moreover this problem is more serious with the minors as there skull is not properly protected from RF signals which are put by the mobile phone when longigng for stronger connections. In Europe the system has taken another point. The govt.is not taking any responsibility for this rather the people are blaming the cell phone making companies for it. Like Europian countries United states and Canada is also looking forward to take this step. Our lives have become so much dependent on these gadgets that we cant live without these miniature inventions. The greatest drawback of this is that they emit radio waves but this can be reduced by using the cell phone antenna’s. We can also use cell phone booster’s for better results in a cell phones.

The Wilson mobile booster is a solution to problem like dropped calls due to weeker signals and lower battery. These important calls can be business calls and can be very important at times. Using wilson booster not only improves the performance of the gadget but also increases the range of the cell phone. Thus this reduces the number of dropped calls on the fact of low signal coverage.

These antenas can be easily installed. They are mounted On the windshield or the walls of the home. The cell phone boosters are available in large varities also the size differs from small to large. We can even get a separate boosters for cars and trucks that can get easily fixed on the glass with the help of cups or glass clips.

Working Of Cell Phone Boosters.

A model-specific adapter is provided with the kit. This is used to connect the signal boosters. If the phone is placed away from signal then the cell phone booster will increse the strenght of the signal by removing the obstacles in its path of the signals. The advantage of this is that it increases the signal strenght and life of the batery. 400 to 500 percent signal levels increases by installing a cell booster

A cell phone booster has an advantage that it increases the coverage area and reduced the number of radio waves to b emmited. Cell phones emit radio waves when they search for stronger signals which in turn causes brain cancer. Thus to reduce this effect we use the cell phone boosters.

There are many varities of these boosters which are sold in the market. The insatallation of these boosters are easier where the cell phone uses removable battries they cant be used where we have smaller chip set as the batteries are fixed in the compartment of mobile phones

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