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Here’s another joy in the aging process for me- migraines! About six months ago, I got my first migraine. I had no idea what it was and waited to take anything. It was miserable. Last Saturday, I started to feel funny, but I laid down and it went away. Same thing on Monday. Well, today, I was at work and had trouble seeing clearly out of one eye. I decided to run an errand and get some fresh air and as I did, I started to see weird shapes and colors. Luckily, I had some Excedrin with me. But it hurt so bad that I had to leave work early. If anyone has any tips, let me know. I hope they will be few and far between!


South Park

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I don’t watch “South Park” as often as I used to. They had an episode the other night that was so funny. They made fun of Prius owners. The car was called the “Pious”. And instead of tracking smog on the news, they tracked the “smug” factor that was overtaking cities. We have a Prius and let’s face it, all Prius owners get a bit smug. With that being said, it’s a great car and we get 450 to a 12 gallon tank and I love it!


Bug Catcher

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I don’t think I shared my black widow story on my blog. We actually found one in our doorway and in our garbage can. My friend Monique did some research and they are not all dangerous, but who wants to get close enough to figure it out???? Tim found this very cool product on the PETA website – Bug Catcher. I don’t like to kill spiders if I don’t have to and frankly, the spiders in our area are huge! So, I’ve used this several times and it’s great. It can’t get close enough to bite you and you can take the spider right out to the yard.



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Yikes! Our weather is so cold right now. But nothing like my parents and Tim’s parents in the pacific northwest. Snow, freezing rain. Well, it makes for some lovely pictures – my dad sent this shot this morning. And as a comparison, he sent along a picture from the spring.

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Moving News Story

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This morning I was driving in to work and listening to NPR. I wanted to hear reports on the President’s speech. Did you know 9 people have been killed in New Orleans since the first of the year?  That’s almost one a day. The Police don’t have phone lines yet. It’s very sad.

A film maker named Helen Hill was killed by an intruder. I didn’t know her, but one of her friends wrote a very moving commentary on her death and that city. As I listened, I started to cry in my car. Here’s the link:


It’s Official!!

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JR and Chrissy are now small business owners! JR took over the specialty lighting business yesterday. I’m sure it will be a VERY successful venture! Good luck!


A Mistake NOT to Make

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I found this great looking recipe for Butternut Squash Bisque. So – I collected the ingredients and planned to make it tonight – New Year’s Day! Sadly, I misread the recipe and got apple cider vinegar, not apple cider. After boiling leeks in it for – oh – 40 minutes, my eyes started to water and our placed smelled horrible! I figured it out and Tim made a mad dash to the garbage can with the contents of the soup. Our place still smells like a mixture of vinegar, Fabreze, candles and matches!! Luckily, we have a ton of leftovers!


Huntington Library and Gardens

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I decided to post this for no good reason! So often when we go to Pasadena in the summer, it’s so smoggy, you can’t see the mountains! In the winter, it’s a different story!

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Happy New Year!!

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We spent the afternoon at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena yesterday. It was so gorgeous – 60 degrees and plenty of sun. It was pretty crowded and in fact, we ended up at the tea room for lunch. The regular lunch area was packed full. They put us off in a corner and we had Christmas tea and specailty food. It was one of those unexpected special memories. We also discovered the Children’s Garden that opened last year, but for some reason, we never visited. The picture of the fountain in this blog is from the Children’s area.

We were mellow on New Year’s Eve and hung out, ate, drank wine and watched the ball drop.

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