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Suite 1800
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Laclede Gas Building

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Three Flags Center
St. Charles, MO 63301

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St. Louis Missouri Bankruptcy Lawyers, Personal Bankruptcy Attorneys in St. Louis MissouriMy
name is Ron Brown, I am a senior partner at Brown and Crouppen. Several
years ago I was instrumental in forming our bankruptcy group. Since
its inception this department has successfully handled thousands of
Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 personal bankruptcies involving people in
St. Louis and throughout Missouri. Let me tell you, it’s a great
feeling to help nice people get out from under debts that are literally
killing them. This year has been a very significant one at Brown and
Crouppen in terms of how we have decided to handle our current and
future debt relief practice. READ MORE

You never know when things are going to fall apart
in your life. A few years ago my life was going great, I had a good
job and never really had to worry about money. A trip to the doctor
changed all that. My doctor diagnosed me with a serious heart problem.
Over the next year my illness caused me to miss a lot of work and
finally my job had to let me go. In less than a year I went from
financial stability to being overwhelmed with medical expenses and
other bills I just couldn’t pay. READ

majority of people we helped with personal bankruptcy did not lose
any of their possessions. You see, many of your possessions are protected
from creditors by exemptions in the state laws of Missouri and Illinois.
If there is any risk of losing property, you should be informed of
this by your attorney before your bankruptcy is filed and you should
then tell your attorney how you want him or her to proceed. READ

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