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The California Department of Corrections (CDC) has 33 state prisons that provide primary care to thousands of inmates. The CDC is unable to employ all the MD’s and DO’s necessary to meet this need and therefore utilizes locum tenen services from several providers. National Locum Solutions, Inc. is one of the providers. The services provided by the contractor are very similar to working in an urgent care center and in some cases a busy ER. You would be expected to perform the tasks that are done routinely by a primary care physician.

The assignments can be part time or full time and last for months to years. The part time work requires that the days are consistent for a month or more at a time. The hours are generally for 7 to 3 or 8 to 4 with a brief lunch break.Working full time can provide an income of up to $118,000. Keep in mind you are an independent contractor. You must cover your travel cost as the state does not include travel income. It is hard work and the ambiance is rather beige, however, it is very rewarding to see the care given to our inmates of California. You might consider placing this type of work on your CV under special assignments or community service. There are no J1 visa opportunities. If your license is suspended or you have been convicted of a felony the state will not clear you. If you are in a diversion program there is some chance that you will be cleared and may work in the Prison.

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