MedSoft Corporation – State Laws

Many states have specific laws that either go along with COBRA, supercede COBRA, or add a
compliance burden on employers who employ less that 20 employees and don’t have to comply with

An example of this would be Minnesota which has a significant amount of statutes governing
continuation even for groups of less than 20 employees. Minnesota law also has a provision
requiring the continuation of group life insurance. Finally, there are additional time limits
on events such as divorce, disability, and death of employee.

MedSoft has devoted many years of research and has hired experienced staff with extensive
knowledge of State Continuation to help its clients stay compliant.

Minnesota is just one example of a State with specific continuation requirements, there
are many other States with governing continuation that you need to be aware of if you are
doing business there or just have employees who live there.

Let MedSoft’s research benefit your company, Outsource with us.

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